My name is Joe Ayre and I am a personal trainer and online nutrition advisor. My goal through my business is to educate people and lead them towards a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle. I have been very fortunate in my time in the fitness industry to work with some of the world’s leading trainers. I manage 15 personal trainers within LSFPT and manage a national 28 day weight loss program which has seen 100’s of people improve both their health and their waistlines. As a Personal Trainer I aim to give each client the most professional and personalised experience possible. We often believe the people become unhealthy when they become fat, in fact, it is quite the opposite. We become fat BECAUSE we are unhealthy. It is my priority to optimize the health of my clients. Once all aspects of health are assessed and addressed, the body then starts to function as it should and return to a healthy state. A healthy system does not want to store masses of excess body fat. I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ system. We are all individual and we need to be treated that way. What works for one person will not always suit another and therefore not yield long term results.


Training well has clear health benefits like reducing the risk of major illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even lower the risk of cancer by 50% as well as the obvious weight loss benefits. What people don’t focus enough attention to however is their diet. The saying ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’ is largely true. How many people do you see putting in hours upon hours of work In the gym and still never really change shape? Yes, some of this will be through inadequate or improper training, but it is also largely caused by poor diet. I speak to people on a regular basis who feel like they eat well, but upon going over their diet in more detail they make some misguided food choices. I like to educate clients on how to eat properly to complement their training and help get to their goals quicker. Focusing on nutrients in foods plays a big part in managing a sustainable diet plan. My most successful clients enjoy a good balance between healthy and convenient foods, and this is why I love to recommend them to NOSH healthy kitchen. Nosh provides my clients with a balanced, healthy menu containing a good portion of protein, carbs and fats and lots of nutrients. What’s more, for my clients who like to go the extra mile and track their caloric intake or macros, NOSH provides the breakdown of each meal making it easy for my clients to adhere to their diets. A personal favourite of mine is MAMAS MEATBALLS which has a whopping 22g of protein and is only 211 calories!

tip 1 - TRAINING TIP OF THE WEEK. (23/02/2016)

Every week we will be giving you different tips and advice that will really help you both in the gym and at home. We want to educate you so that you can start to really see some progress with your training. This week’s tip To maximize fat loss, try going all out on some HiiT training (high intensity interval training). HiiT training allows for a very quick but effective workout that can be performed just about anywhere depending on how you do it. Hiit has been shown to boost metabolism, meaning more fat burning as well as increase lean muscle mass, allowing for that toned beach body to come through. Pick an exercise that can be performed at your 100% maximum effort. Think box pushes, sled pulls, slam ball slams or sprints. Go flat out for 20-30 seconds, resting for double that amount after each set. Aim to complete around 10 rounds for a very quick but effective workout. If done correctly, by the end of the workout you should be out of breath, sweaty and in need of a lie down (and some healthy recovery food from NOSH).

Need some help? Heres a video of HiiT training for beginners... 

tip 2 - TRAINING TIP OF THE WEEK (02/03/2016)

Increasing Your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is the total energy we burn through anything non sleep, food or sports activity related. Basically, it is the amount of calories we burn throughout the day, without the gym or sports. NEAT has by far the biggest effect on calories burnt throughout the day for the general population. If you can increase your NEAT and be consistent with it, ie make it a habitual lifestyle change then you will surely raise the metabolism and raise the total calories burnt. If you sit behind a desk all day, then your NEAT will be pretty low.


Some good ways to increase your NEAT at work are;

• Walk to work.

• Stand more often.

• Take the stairs.


To increase your NEAT at home, without spending time in the gym you could;

• Play with the kids more.

• Do more housework.

• Go grocery shopping, rather than have it delivered.

• Walk the dog.


My favourite way to increase NEAT would be to ditch the bus or car and walk to work. You will be surprised how little extra time this may add to your journey. The average amount of calories we burn through NEAT is 330kcals per day. It is estimated we can increase this to around 700kcals per day and even 1000kcals per day in some people. That’s a huge change, just from increasing a few things that we wouldn’t necessarily class as exercise, perfect for those who can’t make it to the gym. If you are walking home from work, why not stop by NOSH Healthy Kitchen on your way and pick up something for your dinner, with those extra calories burnt, you could even treat yourself to some CHOCCIE PROTEIN CAKE.

TIP 3 - Count Nutrients (21/03/2016)

Although the amount of calories you consume are the main factor in weight gain or weight loss, the amount of nutrients you consume plays a huge part in how healthy you are. Your weight loss or gain is determined by the amount of calories you consume and the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis, so if you over consume calories you will gain weight, under consume calories you will lose weight, in 99% of cases. What is often neglected is the quality of the calories. As a population we are generally over fed and under nourished. This means that we over consume calories, calories from foods which lack in vital nutrients. Think processed junk foods like cookies, doughnuts crisps etc. They normally have high calories but have a very low nutrient content. When we don’t eat enough nutrients we develop nutrient deficiencies. Deficiencies which can cause problems such as rickets, pellagra and osteoporosis. The good news is that more often than not we can attain MOST of the nutrients we need from food. The wider the range of vegetables and fruits you eat, the more nutrients you will get into your body. Nutrients that may also serve to help you function better, improve your skin, hair and even your mood. At NOSH, a favourite nutrient packed food of mine is Chickpea Veggie Stew, also great for vegetarians.