What are Macros?

Macros, short for macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), form the basis of Flexible Dieting/IIFYM. These macros are the basis of all calories you consume. 

WHAT ARE my daily macros?

This question is sometimes a little confusing nd can differ to who you ask. There are a few different things that can change the macros that you should aim to hit; Your aim (loose fat, gain muscle, etc), Your bodyweight, and your level of activity.  

How to use the macros calculator below?

Step 1 -   Pick your goal and locate the table for you (Fat Loss Endomorph, Fat loss Athletic build, Muscle Build Hard Gainer, Muscle Build Athletic)

Step 2 - Type in your current bodyweight

Step 3 - Type in your activity level. 

 type Sedentary: (little to no exercise, light training 1-2 hours per week, desk job, sitting most of the time, no activity outside of training)
 type Lightly active: (training 2-3 hours per week, light movement during daily activity/office work.)
 type Moderately active: (training 3-4 hours per week, mixtures of standing/sitting during work hours.)
 type Active: (training 4-5 hours per week, on feet during work hours, walking as a means of commuting.)
 type Very active: (training 4-5 hours per week, moderate amounts lifting and lots of walking during work hours.)

Step 4 - View your daily macros (rest days and training days displayed) 

*For best display view on computer


Fat loss - endomorph

FAT LOSS - Athletic

Muscle Build - hard gainer